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Hong Kong Creations International Limted offers its customers all the necessary tools in conducting their business worldwide to achieve consistent quality, competitive pricing and reliable delivery of their products.

OEM Services: Creations can assist you with your custom designs, product development, quality control and other issues necessary in bringing your product to market.

Sourcing: Qualifying your vendors, suppliers and factories are equally as important as qualifying your customer base. Creations have travel adapter and mug factory ,during years development,it also has long-term relationship with many factories throughout China to meet your product sourcing needs.

Private Label Services: Packaging, labeling, and product design services are also offered to customers seeking to bring their licensed products worldwide for production.

Logistics Support and Solutions: Creations has established a strategic alliance with international logistics companies that provides our customers with reliable and cost-effective shipping options.Many Asia country,like Singapore,Malaysia, can provide door to door service.

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